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To See the Queen

To See the Queen Allison Seay

In her debut collection, Allison Seay portrays a world fraught with the powers of its own harrowing imagination—a world intermittently real and imaginary, with unforgettable characters conjured subliminally as a young woman’s saviors from a deathly sadness. Achingly personal, To See the Queen describes one woman’s psychological wilderness, then blesses us with the story of its population, regrowth, and ultimate transcendence. Seay’s poems “do not shy away from anything” (Robert Wrigley, Quarter After Eight: A Journal of Experimental Writing); their publication marks the appearance of an illuminating poetic spirit.

Praise for the Book:

"To See the Queen is a masterful book. Seay takes big risks—an extreme interiority, an unrelenting sadness, the complex and multifaceted uses of Liliana—and they pay off wonderfully. These are frightening, moving, deeply human poems—poems such as these are sorely needed."—J. G. McClue, Colorado Review

To See the Queen is a striking addition to contemporary poetry. Seay strikes the perfect balance between the sacrament of the mundane and the heart of the human conflict. She sings out to that need to imagine and mourn, that ache to find comfort and visualize hope.”—Ann Persons, Shenandoah

“Fabular and finely-drawn, ethereal and exacting, this is as satisfying as poetry gets.”—Seth Abramson, Huffington Post

"The poems in To See the Queen set themselves apart. . . .They are not afraid to inhabit their sadness, to study and behold its architecture, to populate it with those who come to be dear to the reader. For readers who’ve been anywhere like it, and those who want to go, the book offers a wondrous map through."—Sally Rosen Kindred, The Rumpus

To See the Queen, Allison Seay’s haunting, spectacular debut, is a voice in communion—magically intimate and distant...Even when the world seems ‘too far away to touch, or is as a fantasy,’ Seay recreates it so that it ‘returns in a different form—this time as an avalanche, a ledge of snow, slipping / from the roof of a warehouse into even more snow.’”—Claudia Emerson

About the Author:
Allison Seay has published poems in Harvard Review, Mississippi Review, Poetry, and other journals, and is the recipient of fellowships from the Ruth Lilly Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. She lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Original trade paperback/$15.95 (Can. $17.00)/ISBN 978-0-89255-423-2/Poetry

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