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An Ecology of Elsewhere

An Ecology of Elsewhere Sandra Meek

Recipient of the 2015 Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America

Following her mother's death, nearly twenty years after her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana, Sandra Meek, a writer of “dazzling, intimate poems” (Library Journal) began traveling frequently through southern Africa. During this same period, she and her sister traveled the American Southwest with their declining father, confronting and healing from a difficult family history before his death. Whether describing a Namibian baby seal hunt, 1500-year-old Welwitschia plants living off of fog in a desert studded with landmines, or the sandstone “temples” of Zion National Park, Meek’s poems attend to the endangered as well as the enduring, braiding personal narrative with those of the natural world from which they arise. 

Praise for the Book
"What’s remarkable is that Meek does not stoop to the journey-as-healing narrative one might expect. Instead, she puts us in panoramic settings that in their bristly, sun-seared particulars represent her brittle emotions."—Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal (starred review)

"These lush and sensory poems take the reader many places, both exterior and interior, from the Skeleton Coast of Namibia and across savannahs of linguistic imagination. This is a deeply textured, brilliant book."—Thomas Lux

“With incendiary eloquence, Sandra Meek creates a cosmos of -ologies: biology, cosmology, etymology, entomology, philology, ecology. With an intelligence as ferocious as the fires (literal and figurative) that ignite these poems, she travels among the ‘words of this world’ and the worlds of the word, attending the Logos that brings all ‘elsewhere’ here and that grounds each and every one of her teeming, prodigious forays into gnosis.”—Lisa Russ Spaar

About the Author
Sandra Meek is the author of four books of poems, including Road Scatter, and the editor of an anthology, Deep Travel: Contemporary American Poets Abroad, as well as cofounder of Ninebark Press, Poetry Editor of the Phi Kappa Phi Forum, and Dana Professor of English, Rhetoric, and Writing at Berry College. She lives in Rome, Georgia.

Original trade paperback / $16.95 (Can $21.95) / ISBN 978-0-89255-473-7 / 112 pages / Poetry



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