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Your Enzymes Are Calling the Ancients

Your Enzymes Are Calling the Ancients Karen Donovan

Published more than fifteen years after her Juniper Prize-winning first book, Fugitive Red, Karen Donovan’s second collection triangulates our most primordial qiestions exploring an array of biochemical, linguistic, and artistic processes.

Praise for the Book
"Rivers, quantum theory, ribosomes, genomes, color charts: these are the components of Donovan’s striking collection, and they move together like the ebb and flow of a tide. Donovan expertly crafts a cohesive book from so many seemingly different parts of art and nature and weaves them through the loom and perspective of human experience."— Danielle Susi, ALA Booklist

"Donovan’s demanding yet eminently satisfying new collection. . .limns our connectedness to a larger world. . . .Donovan is clearly a keeper. [Your Enzymes Are Calling the Ancients is] for all sophisticated poetry readers."—Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal

“As internal as they are universal, these poems are paratactic explorations into the connectivity of all things: the images and narrative fragments evoked by Old Irish runes; the false vacuum of quantum field theory; the color charts of Gerhard Richter; the caddisworm hiding until its wings have formed. . . . This is an extraordinarily rich and linguistically playful concoction.”—Claire Bateman

Your Enzymes Are Calling the Ancients is all you need to see more clearly than before.”—H. L. Hix

About the Author
Karen Donovan is the author of Fugitive Red, wnner of the 1998 Juniper Prize for Poetry. She lives in East Providence, Rhode Island.

Original trade paperback / $15.95 (Can $20.95) / ISBN 978-0-89255-476-8 / 96 pages / Poetry

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