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Undertow Anne Shaw

Winner of the 2007 Lexi Rudnitsky Poetry Prize.

This impressive debut is propelled by wanderlust, its music derived from the rumble of freight trains and the heave of ferries through literal and imaginative waterways. Whether set in Maine or in Arizona, in Ecuador or in Thailand, in waking or in dreaming, each poem resounds with the beauty and remoteness of its locality. Re-imaginings of travelogues by some notable explorers and naturalists, including Sir Walter Raleigh and Georg Eberhard Rumphius, underscore the collection's restless yearning for motion. Undertow marks the emergence of a distinctive new voice.

Praise for the Book:
“Anne Shaw's impressive first collection, Undertow, is an exploration, in the key of doubt, of all that moves below the surface of a cosmos riddled with light.  We are first invited into a closely perceived natural world, pruned back but always recovering its mysteries, and then we are captured by Shaw's magnificent ‘Discoverie of Witchcraft,’ before we are swept into the tsunami's aftermath in Thailand, site of her very particular departure into the unknown.  She is brilliantly exact, noticing the way a ‘greenbottle fly/ alights on a grain of rice.’ Such exactitude is rare, as is this poet's synthesizing vision.” —Carolyn Forché

“The poems in Undertow—luminous, clairvoyant, and radiant—are spun as if from the finest silk, the threads almost invisible, their tensile strength unimaginably strong. Few debuts are as candid and uncanny, generous and fierce, or elaborate and distilled as Anne Shaw's first book is.”—Eric Pankey

About the Author:
Anne Shaw earned her B.A. from Yale University and her M.F.A. degree in creative writing from George Mason University. Her poems have appeared in a number of journals, including New American Writing Hayden's Ferry Review, and Phoebe. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Paperback/ $14.00 U.S.&Can./ ISBN 978-0-89255-338-9 /80 pages/ Poetry

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