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Clean Kate Northrop

Kate Northrop's new poems capture the ephemeral thresholds between natural and supernatural worlds. Through the mist and snowfall of the American Landscape, topographical and psychic, they momentarily illuminate figures at once familiar and strange: stray dogs, wayward people, and "fields rising. . .like a shroud/ or a female voice."

Praise for Kate Northrop

"Northrop's poems recall early photographs where the shutter was left open until the scene had burned itself into the paper. Her images acquire definition word by carefully weighed word." -- Eric McHenry, The New York Times Book Review

"Northrop pares her lines back to the bone, conjuring a dark lyricism that's both unsettling and seductive. Her poems feel haunted, as if wind just rifled through the pages." -- Melanie Drane, Foreword

"No vexed or fictive entity is beyond Northrop's unique, reconstructive, lyrical intelligence." -- Lisa Russ Spaar, Virginia Quarterly Review

About the Author

Kate Northrop is the author of Back Through Interruption and Things Are Disappearing Here, a New York Times Book Review "Editor's Choice" and finalist for the James Laughlin Award. She teaches at the University of Wyoming and lives in Laramie.

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