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Dear Editor

Dear Editor Amy Newman

Winner of the 2010 Lexi Rudnitsky Editor's Choice Award; A Rumpus Poetry Book Club selection

Each prose poem in this extraordinary volume is an impassioned letter to a nameless editor from a poet seeking publication for her poems about chess, sainthood, and the poet's lonely childhood. Taken individually, the poems display a dazzling originality; together, they form an exquisite exploration of memory and longing.

Praise for the author:
"Employing vivid imagery and metaphor throughout, Newman describes the fumbling awkwardness of adolescent sexuality through the eyes of a female poet who was raised by a chess-obsessed grandfather and a religion-obsessed grandmother. For all its conceptual cleverness, [Dear Editor] succeeds in exploring the limitations of language, as well as themes of martyrdom, innocence and faith.—Angela Sundstrom, Time Out New York

"[Dear Editor] is a complex, nuanced, and stimulating work."—Publishers Weekly

“A poet who has attained true mastery in her ability to play with language.”—Image

“Her ability to yoke the luxuriant with the lean resonates in a compelling imbrication of images and rhythms.”—Simone Muench, Another Chicago Magazine

“The virtuosity with which Newman approaches [her poems] is startling.”
—Joshua Kryah, Pleiades

About the author:
Amy Newman is author of the collections Order, or Disorder; Camera Lyrica; and fall. Her poems and essays have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She is founder and  editor of Ancora Imparo: A Journal of Arts, Process, and Remnant, and Presidential Research Professor at Northern Illinois University.

Original trade paperck/$15.00 (Can. $16)/ISBN: 978-0-89255-387-7/80 pages/Poetry

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