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The Girl in the Mirror: A Novel in Poems and Journal Entries

The Girl in the Mirror: A Novel in Poems and Journal Entries Meg Kearney

Lizzie McLane is about to graduate from high school.  She's excited about the future- going away to college and meeting boys, becoming a famous poet, and especially searching for her birth mother.  But on the day an important letter from adoption agency arrives, her adoptive father unexpectedly dies.  Lizzie is devastated.  Lost in grief and haunted by the contents of the letter, she turns to alcohol and the wrong kind of friends.  Lizzie's life begins to spiral out of control and all that she has known for sure is called into question.

The Girl in the Mirror is a story about identity, friendship, and the profound bond of love between an adoptee and her parents- both known and unknown- brave, vulnerable, and compellingly told entirely through Lizzie's own poems and journal entries.  

Praise for the Book:
"...Lizzie plummets into a nightmare world...surviving by writing poems and journaling so vividly that she brings us right along with her.  The series of poems around her father's funeral and the series of poems about her graduation party are stunning in every sense of the word.  There is an honesty, a darkness, a steel fragility in these beautifully crafted words.  I suspect there are few readers who would not be swept into the tornado of Lizzie's destructive grief.  Kearney fully engages the reader in this very fine coming-of-age novel."—Karen Hesse

"Meg Kearney is a deft magician...It's amazing what [she] does with presences and absences- people who aren't qutie there anymore remain potently everywhere- as Lizzie's life unfolds.  This book is a generous gift."—Naomi Shihab Nye

"I love The Girl in the Mirror.  It has honesty to the core; it is wonderfully written...poetry and commentary, both intense and personal."—Paula Fox

"An exquisite novel...inventive, heartbreaking, and transforming."—Laban Carrick Hill

About the Author:
Meg Kearney is the author of The Secret of Me—the acclaimed novel that introduced Lizzie McLane—and two collections of poetry for adults, most recently the award-winning Home By Now.

Original trade paperback / $15.00 (Can. $16.00) / ISBN 978-0-89255-385-3 / 168 pages / Young Adult

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