Red Deer
Anne Marie Macari

In Red Deer, Anne Marie Macari unearths a hidden prehistoric world of art and art-makers. Her poems delves deep within the earth, exploring the prehistoric caves of France and Spain, communing with the lives and art of those who once inhabited them. Writing from a variety of perspectives and in diverse voices, Macari connects us with a distant past, with “memory / stumbling into mineral stillness. . .a forgotten animal / across my shoulders.”

Red Deer reminds us to return to the space, or state of mind, in which we are most aware of our connection to the physical world, while also honoring our link to all that is nonphysical and invisible.”
—Janet St. John, Booklist

Anne Marie Macari is the author of four books of poetry. Her poetry and prose has been widely published in magazines. In 2005 she was the recipient of the James Dickey Prize for poetry from 5 Points Magazine. She teaches in the Drew University MFA Program.

Paperback / $15.95 (Can $17.95) / ISBN 978-0-89255-456-0/ 80 pages / Poetry

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