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A Selection of the Poems of Laura Riding
Laura Riding

Laura Riding is recognized as one of America’s great twentieth -century poets although she renounced the writing of poetry in 1941, viewing poetry as “blocking truth’s ultimate verbal harmonies.” Now the poet, critic, and novelist Robert Nye, long an advocate of her poems, makes this substantial new introductory selection. It is the only selection to draw from the full range of Riding’s poetic work, and includes eighteen poeme from the last-published volume First Awakenings.
In his introduction Nye writes: “When the true history of twentieth-century poetry in the English language comes to be written, I believe that the poems of Laura Riding—and the story that goes with them—will be seen to be as important as anything in it.”

“...[a] selection of the best of Riding's work, electrifying poems that combine the clean, bracing structure of traditional poetic forms with a startlingly modern sensibility..... Riding was a brilliant, passionate, and influential writer whose work deserves repeated resurrections.”

Laura (Riding) Jackson (1901-1991) is the author of more than forty books of poetry, criticism, and story. In 1991, just months prior to her death, she was awarded the Bollingen Prize for lifelong service to poetry.

Paperback / $12.95 (Can $18.50) / ISBN 978-0-89255-221-4 / 164 pages / Poetry