Things Shaped in Passing
More “Poets for Life” Writing from the AIDS Pandemic

Micheal Klein & Richard McCann (editors)

This important and passionate collection presents the work of forty-two American poets whose vision and language bear the impress of the AIDS pandemic.
It complements Poets for Life, the classic anthology of poetry on AIDS, and is also an update, presenting a poetry different from what has gone before, in which the elegist leaves the bedside to look at the whole fractured world, the world as it is, with AIDS in it.

Includes contributions from Kim Addonizio, Rafael Campo, Michelle Cliff, Melvin Dixon, Mark Doty, Denise Duhamel, Thom Gunn, Marilyn Hacker, Richard Howard, Marie Howe, Timothy Liu, James Merrill, Paul Monette, Boyer Rickel, Maggie Valentine, and many more.

“This new anthology suggests that some of America’s best poets... have mastered the devastating subject by writing highly formal verse, in strict mete and rhyme, that disciplines grief.”
Time Out New York

“Even those who profess a dislike for poetry may be converted by [this] beautiful and moving collection..”
Boston Phoenix

Michael Klein is a much-awarded poet and writer. He edited Poets for Life and is the co-editor of In the Company of My Solitude. Richard McCann  is the author of Mother of Sorrows, a work of fiction and Ghost Letters, a collection of poems. 

Paperback / $13.95 (Can $18.95) / ISBN 978-0-89255-217-7 / 212 pages / Poetry