Tokyo Butter
Thylias Moss

Inventing new poetics as she goes, Thylias Moss applies her exhilarating capacity for language to a synthesis of the personal, the historical, and the cultural. She searches searches for vestiges of Deirdre, a beloved cousin who has left the living; for hints of Cindy Song, a college student missing since 2001; and for manifestations of her true self in the archaic wings of science.

Moss’ imagination is, as always, ravenous, interrogative but in Tokyo Butter there is an urgency amidst the jagged, beautiful verse that has become her trademark.

Tokyo Butter is Moss at her most distinctive... She is priestess and debunker, skeptic and celebrant, in a single dazzling trajectory”
—Linda Gregorson

Thylias Moss is Professor Emerita in the departments of English and Art & Design at the University of Michigan. Her eight previous books of poetry include Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler, a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist, Slave Moth, named Best Poetry Book of 2004 by Black Issues Book Review, Rainbow Remnants in the Rock Bottom Ghetto Sky and Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities' Red Dress Code.

Hardcover / $24.00 (Can $30.00) / ISBN 978-0-89255-319-8 / 134 pages / Poetry