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Short: An International Anthology of Five Centuries of Short-Short Stories, Prose Poems, Brief Essays, & Other Short Prose For Gateway to Paradise: Stories Travels in Vermeer: A Memoir Brooklyn Antediluvian

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GATEWAY TO PARADISE, Stories by Matthew Vollmer, praised in The Brooklyn Rail

"[The stories] have beginnings, middles, and ends. They are about love, family, and loss. They look like traditional stories, they sound like traditional stories, [but] I’m happy to report they are not, as [Vollmer] has now conjoined his two writing brain halves, his formal ease with tradition and an impulse to upset your applecart. There is little to nothing else like it." / Read more:

“Vollmer is a very talented writer, and all of that talent is on display in this exceptional collection.” —Ron Rash  / “A beautifully voiced, precise, hilarious, utterly serious, and extremely impressive book.” —David Shields / “From the fantastic to the every day….a perfect collection [of] unique and character-driven stories….” —San Francisco Review of Books / “Vollmer’s best stories have a ring of truth . . . . [his characters are] as distinct and magnetic as the region they inhabit.” —Shelf Awareness


SHORT, an international anthology of brief prose and prose poems, edited by Alan Ziegler

For course consideration, download the examination Sampler here: Short College Sampler.pdf

"[Short is] long on great work by great writers...."  —NewPages / "A whirlwind tour exploring what the written word is capable of, the tip of an impossibly valuable iceberg." —San Francisco Book Review / "Important and impressive."—HTMLGiant / "Perfect for the busy reader...[and] good for those interested in experimental writing."—Library Journal (starred review)


Congratulations to Heather Derr-Smith, whose poetry manuscript Thrust has won the 2016 Lexi Rudnitsky Editor's Choice Award. Persea will publish the collection in Fall 2017. Our thanks to the many wonderful poets who entered this year's competition.

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