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Primrose Hill
Helen Falconer

School's out and summer has transformed Primrose Hill, the London park where best friends Si and Danny hang, into a tropical island. Si plans to spend his vacation chilling—smoking weed, listening to tunes, maybe falling in love. But Danny needs his help... killing his mother’s boyfriend, a drug dealer who beats her up. Si can see Danny's point, but murder just isn’t his scene.
Enter Eleanor. She’s beautiful, obsessed with sex and death. Si’s loyalty to Danny and his attraction to Eleanor lead him into a dilemma beyond is control.

“Gritty and profane in the best sense... Primrose Hill achieves a thrilling momentum.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Sweats atmosphere, crackles with bad intentions... a vivid negative of inner city life.”
Sunday Times (London)

“Intense, intelligent, and highly readable... stunning.”
Guardian (Manchester)

Helen Falconer has been a journalist at several major British newspapers. She is also the author of Sky High.

Paperback / $12.95 / ISBN 978-0-89255-294-8 / 212 pages / Fiction