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Sky High
Helen Falconer

Disenchanted pretty-boy Ferdia is having a hell of a time. His dad has run off with an embarrassing pop star and his mom is shacked up with a local hooligan half her age. Meanwhile, gangs at school want to beat him to a pulp, and he feels increasingly detached from Matt (his pissed-at-the-world best friend) and their post-punk, “tower block rock” band, Boybits.
So when sexy Cassandra, the young, new English teacher, takes a very pointed interest in his music and wellbeing, Ferdia is thrilled, not to mention smitten. However, this is no ordinary schoolboy crush the two can't get enough of each other. Ferdia’s on cloud nine, until the line between lust and obsession turns razor thin, and a series of mind-blowing events push him to the brink. Erotic, provocative, and gripping, Sky High has an intensity and pace that will leave readers breathless.

“... an impressive second novel, full of the spikes and troughs of tightly contained emotion.”
The Guardian (UK)

“Gritty, erotic and emotionally intense...”
Publishers Weekly

“[Falconer] handles both the narrative and the varied cast with tremendous skill and sympathy.”
The Telegraph (UK)

Helen Falconer has been a journalist at several major British newspapers. She is also the author of Primrose Hill.

Paperback / $12.95 / ISBN 978-0-89255-304-4 / 236 pages / Fiction