Soft Launch
Aaron Belz

With fluster, bluster, and, occasionally, mustard, Aaron Belz absurdly goes where many middle-aged white men have gone before, but few have described with such insight and pomp. In Soft Launch, he surveys the banal, the grinding quotidian, and asks not, I”Is this all?” but rather “Isn’t this not all?” and then he bows his head either to pray or to nap.

“This book is a cup of tea that might scald you if drink it too fast. Take little sips. Don’t burn your lips. This poetry is hot, I’m warning you.”
—D.A. Powell

“…[Belz] acutely observes his fellow humans—especially millennials—and uses these observations to weave text-speak and startup jargon into rich moments that feel entirely human.”
Publishers Weekly

Aaron Belz has been, recently, a literary critic, stand-up comic, poet-for-hire, UX writer for financial services, consumer-food-product namer, and bicycle-repair-shop owner. He is the author of three previous books including Glitter Bomb and Lovely, Raspberry

Trade Paperback / $15.95 (Can $21.95) / ISBN 978-0-89255-502-4 / 88 pages / Poetry